Due Diligence for Supervisors

Occupational Health and Safety legislation protects workers by outlining the roles, rights, and responsibilities of employers, supervisors, and employees in maintaining a safe workplace. Employers and supervisors have a duty to practice due diligence in ensuring a safe workplace for all workers.
This course is designed to help supervisors meet their obligations for safety in the workplace by defining due diligence and describing employer and supervisor responsibilities. After completing this course, an understanding should be gained of the Internal Responsibility System; due diligence requirements; how workplace incidents should be managed; and, the role of health and safety officers.


This online Due Diligence for Supervisors course covers the following topics:

  • The Internal Responsibility System
  • Roles, rights, and responsibilities or employers, supervisors, and employees
  • Joint occupational health and safety committees
  • Employees’ right to refuse unsafe work
  • Due diligence defined
  • Psychologically safe workplaces
  • Elements of OHS programs and courses
  • Responding to workplace incidents
  • Packaging and vessel requirements
  • Legal implications
  • Duties of health and safety officers