Workplace and Violence Prevention

This Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention course includes information on Ontario Bills 132 and 168, BC Bill 14, Harassment under the 1977 Human Rights Act, supervisor responsibilities, confidentiality, employee complaint procedures, the potential for legal exposure, and much more. This course is ICAB Certified.


  • Harassment in all its forms
  • The difference between impact and intent
  • Consenting vs. welcome
  • How to effectively prevent harassment
  • How to effectively respond should harassment occur
  • Manager and supervisor responsibilities and liability
  • How and why to use the company complaint procedure
  • The harassment – violence connection
  • The importance of good citizenship in the workplace community
  • Workplace Violence and Scenarios
  • High risk employment
  • Common obstacles to taking action
  • Warning signs
  • Violence prevention tips
  • Supervisor action items