Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace

This online Slips, Trips, and Falls course outlines how you can keep your visitors, customers, and employees free from suffering injuries relating to slips, trips, and falls. The course is composed of four chapters, which cover topics such as the science of walking and falling, preventing STFL, and how to fall and treat STFL injuries. Upon completion, you will be presented with a final exam to test your knowledge.


Understanding how slips, trips, and falls occur is the first step towards preventing them. By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain how center of gravity, momentum, and traction relate to workplace slips, trips, and falls
  • Identify common workplace hazards that could cause slips, trips, and falls
  • Identify both short- and long-term solutions for the identified hazards
  • Explain the responsibilities of workers and employers in the context of a proactive workplace safety culture 
  • Demonstrate how to fall as safely as possible in order to avoid or limit an injury
  • Explain what to do if you witness a co-worker, visitor, or customer slip, trip, or fall 
  • Explain the legal liabilities regarding slips, trips, and falls in the workplace