Daily Pre-Trip Inspection

This online course provides instruction on how to perform vehicle inspections in compliance with the National Safety Code. Using professional videos, it shows truck drivers how to carry out required inspections, and explains how to react to potential defects found during inspection. Understanding and applying the course concepts will help truck drivers keep their vehicles road-safe.


Module 1: Preparing for the Pre Trip Inspection

This module covers how a truck driver should perform a pre trip inspection and includes the necessary safety precautions that should be taken while all vehicle inspections are performed. This module also discusses the National Safety Code (Standard 13) and how it relates to the C.V.S.A. inspection that an enforcement agency may perform.

Module 2: Inspecting the Air Brake System

The focus of this module is how air brakes work and how to properly perform an air brake test. Examples of possible air brake defects, as well as steps to take when a brake problem is identified are also covered.

Module 3: Defects and Major Defects

This module thoroughly covers the inspection items listed on a vehicle inspection form and includes information on potential vehicle defects as well as solutions if those defects are discovered.

Module 4: Performing the Inspection

Building on the concepts learned in the first three modules, the steps for performing a complete vehicle inspection are demonstrated.