COR Case Study.

  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) Case Study Calgary Alberta


    Basnett Truck Services, Alberta

  • Overview

    The company approached Edelweiss Safety Solutions to develop their HSE Policy Manual. The intention of the company management was to get C.O.R certified.


    In order for a Certificate of Recognition (COR) to be obtained Edelweiss Safety Solutions developed and instituted  a comprehensive health and safety management system which complied with province wide excepted standards as set out by the Alberta Safety Council. The various implemented systems can be seen below.     

    • A set of company specific policies meeting the government’s requirement made in the Alberta OH&S Act, Code and Regulations. The policies have to be company specific/business specific.
    • Implement a reporting system based on forms for hazard assessment and reporting, incidents and illnesses, inspections of facilities, equipment, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), task observations, training completion,  pre-job meeting minutes recording as well as regularly scheduled HSE meetings minutes.
    • Develop an incident investigation policy and procedures. (NOTE: most people in the industry refer to “incidents” rather than “accidents”. The reason behind this is that accidents  imply that it could not be prevented. It is believed that most if not all accidents can be in fact prevented. In this optic the industry has chosen to use the word “incident”.)
    • An emergency Response Plan covering all the potential emergency employees working for the company may potentially be confronted with.This ERP must have relevant numbers to call and specific people responsible for emergency responses.
    • The implementation of the HSE program, which will comprise the meetings, the hazard assessments, the corrective cations, the reporting system, the procedures, the training, the inspections, job tasks observations, as an important part of the implementation there must be the development of the Job Safety Analysis which assesses the hazards linked with every task of every job the employees of the company perform while employed by the company. Then the Standard Operating Procedures will be developed to ensure there is a unified safe way of completing the tasks, and using the controls elected in the Job Safety Analysis (JSA). The training will be in direct relation to the Standard Operating Procedures and unless the employees have a formal training with an recognized certificate (Journeyman, university or college, trade school).
    • The development of a management system to retain the documentation for the purpose of the future audit, which will prove you are effectively doing what your policies say you do, and that you have a system in place to meet the government laws requiring an employer to provide a safe and healthy working environment for the employees.
    • Then you will be, after one year of collecting the documentation of your program, be ready for the certifying audit.


    The company successfully received their Certificate of Recognition(COR) one year later, as it necessitates one year of documentation to be gathered before an external audit can be performed. 
    1. $30k reduction in WCB premium.
    2. Reduction in costs as a result of implementation
    3. Decrease in health and safety incidents
    4. Improved employee relations.
    $30000...Saving in WCB Premiums.

    Decrease in Health and Safety Incidents

  • COR Certification FAQ’s

  • What do I need to be certified COR?
    You will need to develop a health and safety policy manual that follows the requirements of the Alberta OH&S listing levels of responsibilities and accountabilities for all aspects of the company, i.e. Worker, Supervisors, and Management, or that of the province you wish to work in. You will need to prove that you implement it through documentation for a minimum of 12 months prior to your first audit. Without 12 months of documentation you cannot be audited to become COR certified.
  • Can you help me become certified COR?

    We can assist you with all, or any part of it you wish. Each company has different requirements and possibilities and we can help you with any one of them to help you achieve your goals.

  • Why do we need COR?
    It demonstrates that you (your company) has reached an accepted and recognized level of quality and management of your health and safety program. Many companies require COR from their sub-contractors.
  • How long does the certification last?
    The certification last for 3 years. You have a certifying audit, then each following year and you will conduct maintenance audits or have an action plan.