Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)

Small employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR) Calgary.Edelweiss.

What is a Small Employer Certificate of Recognition?

The Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR)  is for employers that have ten or fewer employees. If you have more than ten employees then please take a look at our Certificate of Recognition (COR) page.

The SECOR is issued to employers that have met specific  health and safety quality standards, and is awarded by Alberta Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour. upon successful completion of an external audit.

What Happens if our Staff  Increases to More Than 10 Workers?

Once the employers staff reaches over 10 then the employer is no longer deemed qualified to hold a SECOR. The employer will then have to move towards the COR program.

Advantages of  Obtaining a SECOR

If an employer is registered in the WCB’s Partnerships in Injury Reduction scheme then upon granting of a SECOR they are eligible for an automatic 5%  discount on their annual WCB  premiums with a possibility of an increase  up to 20%.

A well developed SECOR based health and safety management systems can drastically reduce the social cost of illness and injury at work.  A  safe workplace is a happy workplace.

How Long  is a SECOR  Valid For?

Usually a SECOR is valid for a period of three years. In years two and three the employer must  provide a maintenance audit  to the Alberta Safety Council, a failure to do so will lead to a revocation of the SECOR.

Steps to obtaining a  SECOR

1.  Choose a certifying partner.

2.  Complete the Health and Safety Program Building course. A minimum of one employee must complete the course.It can be taken on-line or at various locations in Calgary. This course will  provide key information with regard to how to develop and implement a cost-effective and efficient health and safety  management system.

3.   Develop and implement a health and safety program as per training course.

4.  Pass a health and safety external audit by a certified auditor in order to be awarded a SECOR. Pass threshold is 80%(Year 1)

5.  Complete an internal maintenance audit or hire an external auditor in order to maintain the SECOR (Year 2 and 3). Edelweiss Safety Solutions is a certified external auditor. The maintenance  audit must be delivered  to the Alberta Safety Council on or before the anniversary date of the SECOR. If a maintenance audit isn’t submitted then it will result in the cancellation of the SECOR.

6.  Pass a health and safety external audit in order to attain a new SECOR (Year 4)

Edelweiss Safety Solutions has years  of extensive experience  in helping small companies to achieve a SECOR. Our specialist small business unit is here to help answer any of your SECOR questions.

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  • SECOR Program FAQ’s

  • Why do I need a SECOR?

    It demonstrates that you (your company) has reached a recognized province wide level of quality and management of your health and safety program. Many companies require SECOR from their sub-contractors.

  • How can you help me get a SECOR?

    As qualified external auditors we can audit your health and safety system and help you pass the 80% quality assurance threshold. We can also help you develop and implement your health and safety management system.

  • Do all employers need it?

    SECOR certification is not mandatory. It does have a number of benefits  including WCB premium reduction as well as piece of mind knowing that your employees have a safe working environment.

  • How long does a SECOR last?

    A SECOR generally last for three years. During those three years the  employer must provide in years two and three  a maintenance audit. These audits must be submitted to the Alberta Safety Council otherwise the SECOR will be cancelled.